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Description:   Lanius CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content managment system with an embedded flat file database and support for any other database system. High speed, best security, fully internationalized and customizable. Works on any PHP4/PHP5 embedded flatfile database (Gladius DB)supports many DBMSes through adoDBM (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc)advanced backup features (tarball backup, database backup)comes with all the necessary addons pre-installedop

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Lemon CMS Lemon CMS is a simple to use web based content management system that allows you easily, quickly and dynamically update the content on your website. The CMS uses a file based system making it simple to port into any website.

Lithium CMS CMS for creation of a site of portal type. Doesn't use any SQL database (all data are stored in text files). Features - viewing categorized news, comments, skins (fast change of design), modules, addons for modules. (PROJECT IS INACTIVE ANYMORE)

Logz podcast CMS The purpose of the "Logz" (podcast) is to offer a whole freedom using (multimedia / sound / animation) while taking advantage of dynamic management of the data (CMS) and gives you a full ablility to do flash, ascii or html layouts.

LotusCMS - Advanced Flat-file CMS Easy, customizable, flat-file, content management system (CMS). It uses only text files and will run on any server where basic PHP5 fread()/fwrite() exist. Includes module system, easy templating (any layout can be integrated), WYSIWYG editor + more! Flat File (Databaseless)TemplatingWYSIWYG / Visual Page EditorMenu EditorPlugin ...

Klondike CMS Klondike is a lightweight, standards based content management system (CMS) written in PHP. It's goal is to make creating a website as simple and easy as possible. It outputs static HTML pages that can be easily edited from anywhere, and uses no database

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Monolith Personal CMS Write On PHP And Database is Mysqlis my first PHP open source programCan be CMS or only News site client can use Ms Ie or Other Wb, or my self WBwrite on DelphiHava asp and access editionOnly Chinese Version, Asp VersionPHP Version With Delphi Client

Omega PHP CMS This intends to be a simple cms to run many different websites. At the moment it's still in a very early stage and it does nothing, but it'll get better. Development is quite slow, don't expect too much.

PHP CMS Generator PHP CMS Generator is a utility to create content management scripts to manage database content. Includes many useful features and a long TODO list of more useful features.

Ossigeno CMS Ossigeno is a modularized CMS, with various skins, lang files and modules. It\'s written in Php (database agnostic). Pages are generate in Xhtml 1.0 Strict. It can be used to create blogs and websites. Patches are welcome.

Lan Action Lan Action provides a web frontend for lan party planning and management. It is completely modularized and offers a very powerful group handling. Lan Action was already used on some lans, many modules are nearly complete.

Lanovision Lanovision allows you to stream videos over a local area network, such as from a desktop to a laptop around the house. Lanovision requires no configuration, it just works. It is compatiable with QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Real, DivX, and others.

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